the skin is reddened and shining, the subcutaneous veins are distended,
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hair over the occiput, distuibed deep, attacks of spasmus glottidis,
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A valuable medical libranr is offered for thetr use.
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pression of the clavicle alone, as the descent of this bone would be limited by
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excoriations of the more superficial genital parts.
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to find the real conditions of muscular power, both with
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[Abstr.] Proc. K <y. M. &'Chir. Soc, Lond., 1882-3, n. s.,
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or a severe attack. By a severe attack we understand one attended with
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decomposition that has taken place. If cut into, a dark red,
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cities. The tallest men of South America are found in
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Importation of cattle, sheep, goats, and hogs from the continent of
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tion." They are as follows: (1) The motor nerves show no increase of
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reading over and analysing my cases. Out of a much larger
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5. M. M., set. 21 ; primipara; in labor 40 hours; in convulsion 3 hoars. Os but slightly
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3rd. That rupture may occur in cases where the labour is
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Fifth.— As indicated above, I do not like the rough coat-
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d'ophtl)., I'ar., 1885, 3. s., vii, 134-138. . P6rioptom6-
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improvement had taken place, and I applied a small quantity of ung.
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The patient is indeed fortunate if these terrible sufferings do not result in
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Symptomatic indications, or those having reference to the symptoms,
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the act of dying, consequently the priority must be assigned to that
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the Grecian Centaurs. Ancient History of the East, voL ii, p. 13. Mr. Sayce
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come cloudy, loosen, and undergo proliferation. The membrane, which
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radius. To prove that this mass was the displaced head
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left in it ; then to relieve pain and obviate the tendency to death.
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wounded and the direction and force of the arterial
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Physicians whose lives are cast in widely different surroundings
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ately before the operation by three or four more. He finds that
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Dr. Woody, and the patient said that he felt very " stiff about the
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fantum, dijjhtheria, diarrhcoa, scarlet fever, hooping-cough, measles and
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dioxide with resultant gastric retention or painful belching,
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a moderate pressure or strain. Here, from its favorable course, we
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bacillus becomes discolored. Besides these two, a num-
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prevented my attending to duty as usual. I had, however, been
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lution into the cavity by pressing the tragus down against the meatus.
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is more of a pulling action upon the receiving gut than of a
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stroy, the perfection, and harmony of the arrangement, and the uses it
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not gone too far, and attributed to derangement of liver
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