of this purely experimental undertaking will be made
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mends to the House of Delegates that the dues of mem-
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selves with our own capabilities and limitations for see-
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Be it Resolved, That a committee be appointed representing
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and bang around and his wife said: "Poor George, he’s
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Willis in 1682, that it. is probably contagious, and that the
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ing fields of practice and move to larger cities, with
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80 per cent of the employees in these industries having
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The authors discuss the current problems in tubercu-
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put in a cast immediately. Five months were required
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its usefulness, the proper procedure is to recommend
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should do so with the distinct understanding that they
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front the committee on revision of the code, if it proposes to per-
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discomfort was controlled by codeine sulfate (gr. 1)
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fee schedule for such sendee, and the physician will
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bably because the lesion is so far down in the gut that the medi-
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those pertaining to the influenza A virus which appears
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filled with snapdragons, flanked by candles. Valentines
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ing the system, it is employed with advantage in a medical point
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than they deserve by persons of well-balanced minds. The mild
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atrics from a medical standpoint but he also points out
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tion between the state and county societies; and that
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jaundiced since birth, but there had been no edema or
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It embraces the subject of pediatric diets in every phase.
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parallel. As he brings his head back into the straight position,
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drug in all forms of diarrhoea. The continued use of salol has
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Greene Vincent P. Hart, Waynesburg William W. Bartholomew, Waynesburg
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that either we are culpable in not dissemminating this knowledge,
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compounding, is largely a payment of the same nature, as, were
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Committee on Conservation of Vision for further study
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The committee regrets that at the present time it is
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and District of Columbia, in spite of the fact that this
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organizations throughout the State, is recommended.
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thousands of gallons of pure water daily. It is visited by the best
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every tick of the clock. These living jewels, as the poet calls
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consequence of exposure to marsh miasma, were suffering from