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Phosphorus. — XIV. Opium and Morphine. — XV. Chlo-

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weakness is common; the mind usually remains clear. Of the symptoms

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absence cannot be explained by the condition of the joints.

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result. When a bone has been fractured there seems to be but little

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Profuse rienstruation. — Profuse or too frequent menstruation

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or patent medicines, to produce sleep. A healthy child does not

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classical symptoms of genuine inflammation are exhibited in the

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1. Do the salicyl compounds tend to prevent heart complications

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was the earliest recognized example of a synthetic process in the animal body.

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increased metamorphosis of muscle. These perspirations are to be

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authority. For this purpose they obtained the assent

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then add a cup of milk, a tablespoonful of brandy and grated nutmeg.

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After the first years are passed we must choose from among the

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