they are not allowed to be sent to hospital by the shortest route, over

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was bomb-proof, but the shells raked the wards from window to win-

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I P.M. — University College, 2 P.M. — Sl 'Thomas's, i P.M. —

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treat at the Dreadnought. In one of these there was a small abscess on the convex

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Under date September 4th, our Special Correspondent writes as

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his death he retained his kind heart towards a few medical friends who

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King, in his Ternary of Paradoxes, 1650 : — "The secret power of

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baffles any attempt at explanation. The circumstances under which

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meter — vital capacity — agility — respiration — rate of the heart. — B.

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thai Parliament will determine the question of University education in

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object to be gained by their publication ? If the returns of sickness

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main the same. There is only one thing that may be added to,

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on the spot, and to ascertain what were the nature and extent of the mili-

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name, however, was Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombast von

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present weekly returns, in which deaths from scarlet fever figure so

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army have been hastily assumed to be conclusive. Now we may admit

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The trial was again to undergo the same ordeal, so that it was put off

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Such are the main features of an affection which cannot be rare, as

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firmary without it ; but it was seldom kept in more than twenty-four

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■disengaging excessive collections of flatus, which often prove so dis-

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possible, and will make arrangements to prevent our subscribers from

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Board. The representatives of the Colleges were willing to assign to

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stop their increase save the death of the individual in whom this multi-

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reply I have avoided imitating it as much as possible, and have treated

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some homicidal insanity, some melancholia, suicidal mania, phthisical

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emnri ' ^'^^° '^^^^^ resembling the pale blood-corpuscles. This

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tice, from the extreme mobility of the detached head, and the difficulty

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injuries were dressed and their wants supplied ; and again at Gettysburg,

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Graham. The pedestal is to be of Aberdeen granite, and the statue of

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influence in the Council which is to regulate us for good or for evil.

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instead of the belts being buckled to the transverse springs it is divided

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scarcely anything that marked the necessity of accurate diagnosis more

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what depressed. The patient was perfectly sensible, said he had no

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seemed dictated by selfish motives ; but under no circumstances

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Such a simple map as that which I have described draws our atten-

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its mode of incidence, the habits of epidemics, and the prevalence of

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Physicians, Edinburgh ; of the Royal Colleges of Physicians and Sur-

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fused to go, and was satisfied that it was highly contagious. During

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and acetic acid. This oxidation is sometimes effected by means of

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the paper did, for symptoms of an urgent character, or inducing labour