to act. This also is in accord with the theory of Ehrlich.
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Few diseases so common as rheumatoid arthritis, and of equal import-
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City, with the result that 17 of them, or 16 per cent., were found to
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false membrane may appear first in either the pharynx or the trachea. The
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cussion, at tlie right apex than at the left, as you
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as far down as the third rib on the chest. On the post surface the
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try and treat it antiseptically. Professor Lepine, of Ly-
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The use of the gauze here is as a packing rather than a drain. It
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toxic amounts of oxalic acid is followed by a fairly intense indicanuria.
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hours of onset of major illness. 1 ' 4 Though the incidence
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The six next chapters, which are devoted to the considera-
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Cold. — Cold must be regarded by the sanitarian as an antiseptic
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and should never besuflercd to exceed in length, which will
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tell what is involved? Habit means custom, fixed custom, not an
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better, and so determined to do in future cases, not-
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several months, until the senior medical officer, having
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are not very uncommon in which cancer of any species or
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stringent ; first, all proved cyst carriers were sent home ; then all
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Dr. Powell — I don't think that that interfers with my argument.
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ter XX contains handy reminders of some 1 9th century accomplishments
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the greatest progress has been made as the result of the examination of
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lowest man. — The yournal of the American Medical Asso^
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v.-ait until the child is twelve or fourteen years of age.
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Fowler's solution, tinct. opii., hot diluted alcohol in some form, essential
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ner, and if it is prompt and free, it will be followed by
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with the liberties of others whose aims and efforts are as praiseworthy as their
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with the Imperial University of St. Petersbnrg.] 1888-91.
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"The Right Hon. A. J. Balfour, M.P., Chancellor of the University,
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which would favor the osmosis of drugs from the gen-
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cause is an effect of disease. Urea, for example, accumulating in the
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y. B. Lippincott Company s Medical and Surgical Works.
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acute pulmonary diseases in children. Morrill, F. G., 258; the in-
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inquiry, by referring him to the anatomical works of Leber,
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by Fales in Americans returning from the Philippine Islands.
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been more or less constipated. Has never suffered from epistaxis or other form of
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This would account for the great oedema of the leg and foot,
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is a real danger and the patient should not expose hinaself to piWf-v(j|p
art of his illness, as in a case recorded by Lazarus, it was on
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the first twenty-four to thirty-six hours following this in-