In cases of acrodynia, in fact, the nervous symptoms are most

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spised. The further treatment of simple and double quartan, and of

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fact alone seems calculated to shade with great incertitude the explica-

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Plants in the Transmission of Malaria. Vicente. — ^The

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his investigations : 1. The eye of the rabbit has a physiological tension

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Bye flour boiled in water, and mixed with soft soap is a good applica-

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satisfactory, until our knowledge of the function itself be more

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tice the result disappoints us. The influence of the mind

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phur 2 to 6 oz., carbonate of ammonia £ oz., ginger \ oz., warm

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addressed, post paid. It is also published in Monthly Parts, with a printed cover. There are two

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the larynx. The cough may be dry and croup-like, but is oftener husky or

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mucous surfaces, from the kidneys, into the substance of internal organs,

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provide for health care are to be carried out. At the present

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pulse being 120, with great abdominal pain and discomfort, an X-ray

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ness on percussion, and dry cavernous or hoarse tubular breathing. Cough still

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case was one of false tuberculosis, Koch's bacilli and elastic fibres being

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found until near the last of May. Shortly before this the patient

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every night. They refused the ordinary Medical attendance,

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that syphilis in modern times was usually a very mild

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patients is accompanied by a rise in the output of both substances.

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their functions. The lungs are opened for the removal of tumours

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the body against invading foes, including infective bacteria, thereby

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in one of the New York papers, relative to the preparations which pedes-

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fully used by Landis, Allen, Garrigues, and others, with-

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color contrast. Blood platelets and fibrin are well stained. The

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""■■;";■ ■"■''''"■'■'''^"-'^'"l"T''"-'lM.r. TiM-lM,ri„J,nv,.».,r.,lH.,„uul,K

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the conjunctiva with a needle attached to one of the

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ideal school the danger of permanent disability from over-

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bellum, 326 gm.; basal portion, 310 gm. The greatest length

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buried in 2 lbs. weight of the Substances described.

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patient died. Autopsy showed that the constriction was produced

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In conclusion I would suggest the propriety and feasibiUty of

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There are, at present, two main theories. The first one considers the process

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No. 551514; Dec. 17, 1815.- Sicbcn (H. ) Valve. No.