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human body to be considered as other than one whole,

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simple dressing ; compress and bandage as usual, with light

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succeeding year of attendance, or £100 in one payment entitles a

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be raised from .£100 to .£135 ; that a paid nurse

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HENRY R. SALMON, 32, Wigraore Street, Cavendish Square,

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did not lead to cure. Complete success, however, at-

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*BuDD, S., M.D., elected Consulting Physician to the Exeter Dis-

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BAnnow, Staff-Assistant-Surgeon T. S., M.D., to be Assistant-Surgeon

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tion. In truth, it needs some nerve, and, for a man

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duty of medical journals in cases of this kind is not

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body — the British Medical Association — has sadly

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wound in itself, in the operation of opening the sac,

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ugly and objectionable, and considerable exi^ense is

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pulmonary artery, extending from the third or foui'th

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importance. There is no recognition of this practice

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and 'Life of Paracelsus,' in his ' Holy and Profane State.'

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cates for past years were given to students who had

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when required, should always be of a mild character.

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the new wing about to be erected to this buildino- was

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cooking processes are by far too restricted; but in

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fessional examinations be held by the several licensing

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ficial view, this result would seem to afford strong

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Hospital, connected with that college, and the other

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could be obtained from their use. Section 2 recorded

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book will be generally received as a record of hard

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tive results. M. Chauveau thinks that we should em-

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house to another. Mr. Steele was quite aware of the

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tary motion is diminished ; and, especially, that the

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secretion from the excoriated lips of the child ino-

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edges, tip, and under surface of the central piece, were

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I The articulation at the knee is at once original and