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high and does not last for more than a week. The patient may feel just as
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(b) Febrile Psychosis. — This is the largest group. The etiological factors
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where cold or dampness cut no figure, and none for the re-
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character of the epidermis. When the exudation is abundant and further
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with the deposit of fat in fine droplets in the fibers.
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age, except on short endowments and lo-payment life plans.
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this age of such tremendous progress in surgery and in
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called dry pleurisies are often accompanied by a plastic exudate, which later
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phobia the room should be sufficiently darkened to be comfortable to the
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The spleen may be felt very early. The rose spots are rarely made out until
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that unrecognized cases recover more frequently and indirect evidence of
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Women patients who are pregnant take the baths perfectly well. Pneumonia
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and respiration rate upon the moHality is exemplified by Preble as follows.
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disease has extended from a completely isolated individual in a house to other
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features of these joint manifestations are that while the pam may be intense,
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formic acid. In any case, however, it is a very interesting point that an acid
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Farlane, 1894, "Although I believe in the existence, under
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brings out the fact that albumin is present in the urine of
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on anatomical observations. Pyaemia therefore received early attention,
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repeated at frequent intervals. In treating the cardiac condition we should
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Age. — This is of much more importance in regard to prognosis. Up to the
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of the highest counts being 22,000. The highest count of 32,000 was shortly
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to all the children. It passes through children asylums in the same way.
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hospital of a community is used only in the event of an epidemic and is
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doubt of the value of the administration of urotropine by mouth to every,
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rhage into the optic nerve is rare. Optic nerve atrophy has been noted.
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is near the surface of the lung the clinical picture of pleuritis may develop.
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regards life but those later in the attack and during convalescence do not
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from 1846 to 1862 and the fourth from 1864 to 1875. These last three
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solution will cause the hands to dry, crack and fissure if
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were 12 deaths, only 10 per cent. Of Strlimpell's 45 cases, death resulted
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abortive form of dysentery, which occurs often in winter or in the beginning
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Cabot writes: "In regard to your second question, I
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a whole by being elevated by an exudation beneath it. Microscopically two
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produced aortitis with calcification of the first part of the aorta. The lesion occurred
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commonly-occurring conditions affecting assurability ; and,
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tions noted above as referring to intravenous saline injec-
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customed to seek a full line of information, we will use as our
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open air space intervenes. Instances have been reported where a child has
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M.D. Ed.,Ph. Camb. Cloth, 5 x 7 1-2, 143 pages.. 1 00