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hydrocephalic cry and paralysis limited to the arms or to
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complications which are not peculiar to this disease.
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Books for review, and all communications relating to the
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tion by the kidneys and in the majority of cases albumin-
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Classification. — A number of species, increasing gradually, belong
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and made into a moderately soft paste. As soon as made the
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during life. He gives an interesting review of the literature and of
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rian Hospital, was smooth. Only this eye was closed
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withstanding the heavy penalties inflicted upon the inoculators when detect-
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study, Farnarier states that diphtheria undeniably, and scarla-
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diseases were pretty well known by this time. There might
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(1897), 1898, 02.— Reverdiii (A.) Pyp-sal|iingite avec per-
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tions amputation so frequently becomes necessary, that opportuni-
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pointed out the possibility of the importation of the
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checked; but unfortunately in the Belfast hospital it is very
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same time as health officers for their command, but to be
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in size, had united together into a kind of common plasmodium.
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tendons, aponeuroses, arteries, veins, nerves, and lastly the joints. IIo
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solution to which a few particles of metallic sodium has been added.
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tions. Some single attack of acute disease may, after it has
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the growth under the capsule where adrenal "rests" are generally found;
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peritonitis st^ts in early the tendency for the ejected matter to become
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paralysis of the vocal cord can be produced l)y a unilateral coi'tical lesion.
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round-cell infiltration. A few cross-sections of ducts,
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fession who value their reputation for honesty and who
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constant irritation of which causes dry nostrils to the superior meatuses, whence it
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In the latter part of April, Albert R., the son of a farmer living
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amount due us to Wm. Burton, & Cc^'^^iftrs of the Botanic Sentinel
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have required using a whole-cell vaccine in the Swedish trial .
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empty. We may also check fermentation by the exhibition of salicylic acid
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ished capacity of the organism to burn the deposited fats. AVe have
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Gietl. — Die Ergebenisse meiner Beobachtungen liber die Cholera.
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These urban units were supplemented by the addition of 32 units