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To the naked eye, as is naturally to be expected, the tube is

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they had given each other the lie, and broken one another's

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extremities, which are tAnce the normal size and approximately

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callous, exactly like the tissue of a " corn," which, indeed, I opined

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muscles or groups of muscles, correspond to the roots of the spinal nerves.

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whole day after he went out and in continually, threatening to kill

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tion. Otherwise no operative procedure of any sort was

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in considerable quantities. The interest of the case lies

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special works upon these subjects. Speaking of the effusion in pleurisy,

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form, and, although the buccal ulcerations in my cases never

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his cases for many years. The drain should be cleaned by a long-nozzled

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derived from the treatment, the gaultheria seeming to do

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(b) The oxidisable organic matter is determined by a standard solution

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" Here the dead man, bursting off the lid of the coffin,

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of the vast amount of information contained in this veri-

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seen slowly to rise in the air and remained floating without visible

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Dr. Stockton then read a paper entitled " Two Cases of Fat-necrosis,"

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been rendered sterile as regards malaria. If that has

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cited, and the cutaneous capillaries must therefore be kept contracted

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meeting of the British Medical Association at Edinburgh

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in the sound portion of the skin adjacent. In both cases

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a shock of corn cometh in, in his season." Not so the glutton, who taxes his

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Notes say there is also "paralysis of tongue." June 27.^ — Discharged at

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paper was read by Dr. J. W. Stirling, Montreal. In this

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is often difficult to differentiate between nephrolithiasis with pyonephrosis

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cutaneous reaction to horse serum, and may be regarded as less

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carbolates internally and locally. Salicylic acid and pilo-

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when exposed m barrels to the atmosphere. Wc found that our

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subacute or chronic peritonitis. The amounts of solids and contained

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of rose pollen was not very uncommon two hundred or

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