pain resulting from twisted iJedicle. These patients are both alive and

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Vols. I. and II. Worcester, 1833-4. pp. 444 and 546 - - - 171

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out of every eight, or, under some conditions, one in every three),

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symptoms he advises 1-1.3 G. (15-20 gr.) of the bisulphate every 2 or

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to such an extent, as to involve the tendo-achilles, and has since

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(5 oz.) of olive oil a day, by the mouth or by the stomach tube, either in

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a danger, and is invited by the habit of leaving the milk-cans un-

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tissue, although intimately packed in between the bottom of the

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the prospective purchaser does not object to the scars made by the iron, we

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(10 oz.), or more, if necessary, of some one of the more generally used

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Dr. J. F. Jones, graduate of the Chicago Veterinary College,

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strenuous social life for many who live in Manila, is, we

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methods followed in the dairy, the feeding, the bedding, the clean-

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sagrada, aloes, and senna; drastic purges: jalap, gamboge, podophyllin,

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To win great battles you must have a well-trained army. The

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dietary for patients afflicted with syphilis. Every effort should be made

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irritability, unusual motions of the body, disturbed sleep or abso-

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and a general congestion of all the mucosae of the viscera ; the brain

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wife; complete paralysis of right arm and leg; rigidity doubtful; de-

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made of different species; (2) in that experiments have

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This animal was sold to a relation of the owner, who lives in

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dition as well as a noticeable stiffness. I prescribed a mixture of

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persistent and can be stopped only by continuous pres-

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of portal cirrhosis ^vith ascites, in which I removed the enlarged spleen, the

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literature. It is quite prevalent throughout the South, and in the discus-

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gained by this effort perhaps to warrant a more system-

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substance. One of these softenings is at the anterior extremity;

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"Barlow, N.: Epidemic Climatic Bubo, Am. Jour. Trop. Dis., 1914, i, No. 11, 787.

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abdominal wall w^as made by splitting and is sutured open

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purpose and fair dealing with all mankind should be your motto.

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temperatures. According to the author, the time for temperatures

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habitual, especially if the time for rising follows the waking at a fixed time.

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clamps one nurse alone can then carry on a continuous irrigation, allow-

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obeyed, and to make, from time to time, such rules and regulations as may

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horses, whether the poverty was induced by insufficient food or

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otomy-tube was removed the second day and the parts were cleaned

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veterinary medicine were to be found in large books on rural