1st. Leucocytes clearly rise from the thymus, as there are no

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plication, which is apt to occur in very destitute patients. It may be of

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Reagles, James, Schenectady, Schenectady Co. Original.

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Inyan Kara Divide, August 29. 1892; Whalen Canon, July 18,

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the recovery of voluntary urination is much smaller (52 per cent.) than

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Arrangements with troops on the march in time of war. —

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thoughtfully, " I guess the advertising I've done has

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before the iris is infiltrated or adherent, may preserve some vision for a

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similarities in tiie structural methods of the proteids

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rice, and place on each tartlet half an apple, the concave side

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Tuberculosis. By Wayland C. Chaffey, M.D., London ; Fellow of

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of the pineal gland in a boy of 10. He began to grow fat, and grew

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Handbook of the Diseases of the Nervous System.. By

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adjoining sides of the thumb and first finger. The spindle-shaped swelling, which appeared

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The circulatory section of the volume contains two valuable physio-

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the dog lost the same amount of weight as in the pre-

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adopted divides dj^spepsia into the two well-defined

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wall before them in the form of sheaths, which closely en-

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contents, he could not decide. From the result of the cathe-

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body in this struggle, to the latter sometimes without sufficient consideration

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The evidence seems conclusive that congenital syphilis is usually due to

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and a number of children had been operated on for tonsils and ade-

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Jack, Viola, Bidwell, Triumph, Crescent Seedling, Man-

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work carried out by a number of men too numerous to mention

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quency of intestinal and abdominal tuberculosis in children must

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movements of the arm, or of the arm and face, or of the face alone,

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measure — to my mind, dealt a fatal blow to its )3ower as an

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the healthy eye perceived a round central illumination, generally described as

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I. On Intraocular Haemorrhage eonMcuUve io BaBtraetion of CataraeL By Mr. W. Whiti

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sugar concentration makes the intravenous method sufficiently accu-

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will be given for the best essay on the "Pathology of Carcinoma

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which speedily succumbed to the same disease ; but when the raw gut was

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Claribel Waterman, a daughter of his preceptor. He soon won

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tilages, with a subsequent ossification of these nodes,

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the first time we come together under new terms of copart-

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In the few hours after perforation there may be little change. The gain

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Oporto, Bombay, and Odessa. The most important points in these

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tion of nitrogenous compounds; and decreasing intestinal

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sota fourth, with 45,356.8 ; Dickinson College, fifth,

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terms — are mixed up. He has, therefore, undertaken

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will hold this class of horse, and like the ' stampeder ' he

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fiom us it would cause a great catastrophe. Nursing is a new

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in the neighbourhood of the arteries is altered. This amyloid sub-

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spectable gentlemen. These gentlemen I allow to be as

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Edition of Pareira's Mat. Medica, as a testimonial of the high ap-

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their growth is rendered less active in proportion to the