the knife was concerned, viz., free incision down to the bone. He
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active syphilitic process. A single negative examination has only
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contact with the kidney, although experiments have also been made by
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member of this body. But all business matters have been
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and called microsporon Audouinii. Its sporules are rounder and
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min, for the environing conditions in different places and
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290. Mrs. S., Dec. 29, 1900. Variety, spasmodic ; duration,
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For some years he acted as a traveling ing, in various combinations ; the presence
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febre recurrente. Med. contemp., Lisb., 1893, si, 185; 193;
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associated with HTLV-I infection. 23 - 24 Antibodies to HTLV-I
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tumour, with coincident optic neuritis or internal hydrocephalus. In
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"As almost every article of ordinary food, whether animal or vegetable,
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oldest of seven children. One baby died at five months
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tion of patients during convalescence and after recovery.
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was nearly as numerous as during th(^ raging of the cholera in
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of Deiter's nucleus also show some degenerative changes.
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specially subserving the function of liearing, and the vestibular,
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dition, color, appetite, and bodily strength were improved.
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fever.] Voyenno-mod. J., St. Petersb., 1898, cxciii, med.-
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as if pecked at by birds. However, the ulcer may penetrate the different
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tissue, and in the other it was made by the pancreas. The size of the
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wound, so as to allow any fluid secreted within readily and at once
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each day, over a period of nearly three months.* These
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Dr. Finsen's treatment of smallpox was, as is well known,
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overstrained and a body overtasked, he was burning the
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the pigs made fairly good gains at a cost of 2.2 cents per pound.
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On January 14 there was a severe rigor, the first since
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of rabies may be obtained from Mr. Fleming's excellent treatise,
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WWF (warm water fishery). Water is used to support and
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atmospheric pressure is entirely excluded from the encephalon, by means