length. The stools containing them are dark in color, have a putrid odor,
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the left side. Following these there was paresis of both the left arm and left leg,
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vigorous hypertrophied right ventricle. (See Fig. 141.) If the lung be
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largely matters of individual opinion and preference."
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much endangered if it become severe. Unless the temperature rise
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the country ; whereas, in 1S66, they affirm that they form three-
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in the neighborhood of a contracted gall-bladder suggest
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middle of the thirteenth century. There appear to have been two
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urgency, can be held at almost any time ; but they, of course, entail consider-
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In the " Book of the Clans,'^ of Scotland, it is mentioned that " William,
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possible that through the intervention of this fasciculus
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at the rate of 160 per minute, would occupy but one-fourth of a minute.
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already very serious condition of the patient, should be removed, and that
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coitus is the most frequent cause. Cullen, in his article in
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whole surface of the body, but most marked oyer the chest and abdomen ; vomiting every half
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always of great interest to the physician as well as the surgeon, and
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too often that the profession must make its wants known
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tion of diseases of the skin produced by occupations resemble eczema at
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persisted in for a long time after the eruption has disappeared. Modern
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must demur to the correctness of Mr. "VVagstaffe's statement that, in cases of
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ment of Pott's disease, was a combination of Taylor's
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tion, Sept. 20, 1896, Bectal injection hot salt solution before operation.
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shorter than the right, the shortening being confined to
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mata. Livy in his description of the same calamity corresponds
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uniform contraction, so that they bore but little resemblance to the
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the patient is dominated by false suggestion ,and reason is in abeyance."
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delivery. The diagnosis of scarlatina presented difficulties
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The pleural cavities are empty, and there are no adhesions except over
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prone to direct hernia, it has definite technical disad-
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The library law is not regarded with favor in a few localities. This
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morning sun through the door, and consider sunshine the most essential feature
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we could not apply a remedy for a particular organ or part of the sys-
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Fig. 12. — Sporozoites in the Salivary Glands of an Anopheline (Fresh Pre-
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grains ; Sulphate of Potash, 5 grains ; aerated water,
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a tack 1^ of an inch long, covered with rust and surrounded
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day; and death on the sixty-fourth day. Extensive ulceration of Feyer's
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in the enlargement. The patient says the presence of this growth
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