a wound. The poisonous chemical products absorbed from the wound

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a gouty subject, those means which have been found to relieve gouty mani-

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a cause of chronic laryngitis ; but it most frequently occurs as an accom-

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1 Yellow Fever in Charleston, 1871, with Remarks upon its Treatment. Dr. F. P. Porcher, Charleston,

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increased in size during the active period of the disease. After this period

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plete dislocations, more or less pressure is made upon the roots of the

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morning and 120 in the evening. The higher the temperature, and the

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sition, and will permit the patient to go about on crutches. The objec-

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inflammatory products. When peritonitis follows intestinal perforation, all

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further inward, then lift up or make traction upon the femur with con-

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means of a reef knot or a friction knot. When the ligature is applied,

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amount when capillary tension is diminished. This may occur in severe

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to the exit of the bile. Dilatations occur at points along the bile ducts ;

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possible by the debilitated state of the general health, or lesions

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tom of the disease ; attempts to flex the head on the chest increase the

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chiefly of milk with light meat broths ; no solids should be allowed.

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between the border of the Achilles tendon and the inner border of the

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delirium. The shafts of the long bones, such as the humerus, femur,

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ā€¢ Ponfick, in Virchow's Archiv, B. 60, p. 153, 1874. states that the cardiac degeneration may he so

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affection. It is sometimes associated with a hypertrophic nasal catarrh,

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intestine are eiisily tlctccted, tlio centre of the ubdomou lias ii doughy feel,

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and all dirt removed from beneath them; the hands and arms should

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delays treatment. The best treatment seems to be that administered

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into the brain substance are found in a certain number of cases, but even

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to be confounded with any other affection, if its etiology and symptoms are

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sorted to. I now have a case under observation in which aspiration has

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react in the same manner as tubercle bacilli. To distinguish them, pour

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manifested itself, the patient will begin to suffer from dyspnoea on slight

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disappear. The prognosis is unfavorable, but many cases recover.

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retain their pink color much longer than ordinary scars. In treating

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of d Illness at the lower portion of the precordial region ; if emphysema

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hemorrhage. K^ow he feels more or less bronchial irritation, which is fol-

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duty of the physician is to prevent premature exertion and exposure to

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insertion of the eoraco-brachialis muscle. The axillary artery may be

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tumor in order to lessen the circulation in the tumor, with the hope that

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subcutaneous vessel*ā€” whose causes are the same as those of acute Bright'sā€” to be tlie reason of anasarca

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Gangrene as a termination of pneumonia has been found in about 14

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of mercury over the back and buttock for one month is a treatment

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process, diminishes the resisting power of the patient ; clinical experience