The bone retains its length, and its shape is soon restored ;
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tion, or from hyperpyrexia, or the development of a general hemorrhagic
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medica. . . . The new work summarizes, or gives in full, the depositions of
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metre beneath the articular interspace. From this line the
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head in the hands. The pains are more commonly confined to
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a parasiticide for each parasite." A clinical problem, indeed, be-
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for self-congratulation to the reading medical public, and the
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Electro-Therapeutic Association, Associate Member of
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tice. He then established himself in private practice in New York,
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bullets discharged ; besides, an explosive bullet can no
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to cold and dampness, and are insufficiently nourished. Its
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the lower part of the pharynx, which is highly vascular ; we
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Transylvania University of Kentucky, from which classical institu-
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of a shell fragment weighing 850 grammes lodged in the
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a mass of something covered with mucus and pus, which the
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examinations she commenced the scientific course, show-
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the Homoeopathic Medical Society of Pennsylvania, on the use of disinfectants, etc.
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as physician. In addition to his private practice, he is attending
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wounds). Penetrating wounds are more often seen than
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Wounds with large orifices made by deflected bullets, by
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ever, and showed his usual strength except in the use of the
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Horace, a younger son, who became a successful merchant
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Before entering the medical profession Dr. Demarest experienced
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centuries have done work in science that has made their names for-
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Resigning the position of demonstrator of anatomy at
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courses of lectures at Jefferson Medical College, Philadel-
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who know her, Mrs. Richardson has by this act deserved
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there were a number of other patients. The disease was com-
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him, if he be called to his vocation, with the powers of belief,
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as described in the first case ; and the fistula, which was of the
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or wood) ; (5) fragments from the equipment, or even from
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Indigo. — Violent itching at the anus, with pin-worms ; scanty
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days previous, when overheated, she took cold. The night follow-
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