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broke out on the ankle, which were never entirely healed. These
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to 3 grains, adults 3 to 6 grains daily. Tablets V 2 , IV 2 and 3 grains.
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Colic, &c. They, together with turpentine stupes,
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symptoms show themselves in a threatening manner, that they
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LL. M.; Prof. A. W. Mayo Robson, F. R. C. S.; A. D. Rockwell, A. M., M. D.; Prof.
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that we grudge Dr. Meigs' book the space we have allowed
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back and lower limbs, together with the other symptoms, are more or less
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GG., set. 52, was admitted under Mr. Smith's care into St.
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peculiar circumstances, or to subserve the ends of public jus.
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theria bacilli are taken from a blood-serum culture and streak cultures
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and Alice Gumming. Professor Charteris delivered the
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equate study of these elements will reveal whatever
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advisable. In the great majority of cases in which a catheter is necessary,
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It has an agreeable aromatic smell, and a warm burning
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and enlarged. Cloth, size 5 1-4x7 1-4, illus ... .2 50
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substances that are introduced into the blood hypodermati-
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his first appendectomy following a definite diagnosis.
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In April, 1891, her left hand was caught between the two
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cases in which the heart and lungs present httle if any sign of disease.
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referred only to the muscles, and the amount of exercise which a man
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His experiments suggest, says Busck, an extended study of
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provisions for surgical and dental work are required, not that
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10:00 a.m. — “Applied Surgery of the Stomach, Duo-
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spontaneously as soon as the pus reaches the surface, yet occasionally very
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having been 73 days in the ward, and 80 days having elapsed since the occurrence
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cltomln and parathormone. These vessels are quite small and are thus
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3. Bowes, A. deP., and Church, C.F.: Food Values of
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they seem, however, to prove that the germs in isolated districts were
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As a symptom concomitant with* caries of the spine, we
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incised, displayed small bloody points from congested dermoid veins.
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Kenilworth of poetic fame. It stands at a higher elevation and
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tention to the cutaneous affections of nervous origin. To Parrot be-
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sion is that of extreme reserve. While he has a number
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what I say will be either a relation of my own experience, or will be of those
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of LL. D. from Yale university ; he was elected honourary fellow
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spleen, as to induce ascites and anasarca numbered 54 cases, with 6 deaths ; Pernicious
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dition of his patient may lead him to defer operative procedure
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