5. The term umbilicus, in Botany, is synonymous with hilum or

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One-half teaspoonf ul three times a day for four weeks.

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tinely needs this kind of fluid or that kind of fluid.

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VEGETAL FUNCTIONS. The functions common to plants and

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; consisting in perfect lethargy of body, but imperfect lethargy of mind ;

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Confidence in the merit of our preparation leads us to respectfully ask a

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Rarely, if the presenting part does not compress the

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to the male urethra, as being a prolongation of the bladder, and perhaps

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1. Gloss-agra (aypa, seizure). Infl.ammation of the tongue;

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of light. The term frakens oxfrekens occurs in Chaucer, and is said to

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KATAKAU'SIS (KaT«Kau(Tis, a burning). General combustibility

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being straight ; a term applied to the embryo of the seed.

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a valuable addition in the permanent cure of habitual constipation and