arch. To the convex margin of each of these branchial arches is attached a
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•child results from the union of the soul and body of
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since its discovery, or for some four centuries. During
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geously, or are subject to functionally diminished oxidative powers.
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and stiffness, and occasional swelling, and with constantly
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gical Clinics at the College, Hospital and Dispensary.
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T would not be understood to assign no value to the use
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be inserted to confirm the facts ; but the subject certainly merits a more
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It is of the greatest importance to nourish your sick after
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in spite of my advice to the contrary, she induced an abor-
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symptoms until milking was neglected on account of illness in the
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cellules glandulaires ainsi que les cellules de T^pitele opaque, legerement
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the band ended too. I see some odd things still, but I am glad to say I no
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criticises the use of the interrupted suture, and thinks we conld
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lympho-sarcomata. The only large round cell sarcoma
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of any company. The Society has gone on for years in
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relationship with the underlying median portion of the flexor profundus
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the full course at the colleges which do not take their examinations until the course is sup-
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dle turbinated bone, which cannot be engaged in the
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detention in the cold weather, from low water and contrary winds.
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faculties are unusually clear and spirits buoyant after recover^' from an
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"Toner's Collection embraces medical and historical
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only application which allays the itching and Irritation ; but its
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of Governor Gage, be it said, he took steps immediately
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A scale using social work judgment is being developed to assess the
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successfully function as a mechanism without the interjX)sition of
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severe flooding. When I arrived I found that the flooding
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the most painful symptoms of croupous pneumonia, and which indubi-
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For edema, ascites or effusions in adults initial daily dosage is 100 mg in
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in the left bronchus for two months. A silver tracheotomy-tube,
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abnormal except the urine and a reduplication of the first sound
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zingiberis, syr. rhei, syr. rhei aromaticus, syr. sarsaparillte corapositus.
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encouraging young people to postpone sexual activity.
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investigated by my colleague, Dr. Wilfred Harris, who thus reports on
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urine in order, Dr. Cheron found the urea normal or
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coloured fluid was discharged. The chief bulk of the tumour was
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It is of the greatest importance to nourish your sick after
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complete compression of the lung, that had been relieved by the use of the
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the intestine being as thin as paper, but without any
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Society of Anesthesiology, Dr. Cornett was a member of the