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bacteria. House dust may be kept down by cleanliness and avoidance
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enfeebled by successive hemorrhages, fell into a state of severe
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Only three of these died. This low mortality rate may have been and
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lying-in, due to an emotional cause, and in what perilous con-
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smoke. It encourages physicians to spend extra time
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(A small portion of the pupillary margin is brought forward and
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anl. Removal of 11th and 12th D. arches and blood-dot : wound
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lung, are frequently followed by pulmonary tuberculosis. The explanatioo
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Alison, under whose treatment the vomiting nearly disappeared. He then noticed
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therapy of necrotizing soft tissue infections of the perineum. Ann
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June 18-23— School on Alcoholism and Other Drug Dependencies
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mation or disease of the organs of generation, calculus in the
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paralytic dilatation '" of the arteries, as a result of
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which, when corrected, is followed by greatly improved
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scribed, the phases of its existence have been seen in the peripheral
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ruption of conduction at present under consideration. This is shown
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tives in the East, so as to enable them to return home; therefore, be it
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added A daily dosage of Aldactone considerably greater than 75 mg. may be given
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vision of his cataractous eye was, without glasses, ^■^, and with
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rivals to and injuring one another, a machinery ought to be devised by
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sistently used, will easily make you a slave, and slowly and surely
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