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W. E. Bruner said that in the only similar cases of injury by glass

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findings were first demonstrated by Moyer et al. 25,26

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215 Summit Street, Batavia 14020. Tel: 716/343-6076.

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State Hospital were suffering from conditions due to alcohol.

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into slits, fissures or pouches, including diaphragmatic herniae; this class

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80.7, 80.8, 81, 81.2, 81.5, 81.6, 81.8, 82.1, 82.1, 82.2, 82.4, 82.5, 82.9, 83,

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about the risks and benefits of intraocular lenses before

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usually begins between the ages of twenty and thirty years, although it

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retraction. The mass movement of the blood was increased during oxygen

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Mrs. J. H. Wade in memory of Mrs. Anna R. Wade, and in-

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Parliament for the passage of legislation, e. g., legislation relating

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hold its annual meeting at the last scheduled session of

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lake. In the consideration of such treatment, two elements ap-

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sponsibility of the water supply that Mr. Jackson was employed

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