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tion. The facial expression is anxious and the body often

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bile is a quite favorable medium for the growth of bacteria.

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let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth.

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A careful perusal of the works of Abernethy indicates

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ment of Health and Human Services Public Health Service

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a case of intussusception occurring in an infant of seven

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is diarrhea. The discharges from the stomach and bowels

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There was nothing remarkable in the treatment of the

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The mucous membrane of the fauces is generally congested and the tonsils

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climatic treatment is usually resorted to must however be a summary

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when this is protected by heavy covering etc. It is

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spontaneous recovery is likely to take place or one which is practically

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been very successful and it seems to us to promise more upon theoretical

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pancreas. Further it was found that diabetes did not occur if the

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tity as the symptoms of the disease may seem to demand.