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prime condition of success is patience on the part both of physician
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etc., and against the supposition of its infectious origin. The causes
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(i) Measures which may be employed to favour the Transfer
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rapidly regained consciousness, but "was queer for a few days," and, since
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tissue not unfrequently forms " fibrous bands and striae, which project
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aroused keen contention, namely, that of spontaneous genera-
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therapeutics, surgery and ophthalmology, merely alluding to the great
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this book in royal quarto with thick paper, so as to weigh 4J lbs. It
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preted, yet it is so vivid that the patients cannot distinguish it from
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says that, in his notes, he finds seven cases where there was an error
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ear, but who complained that since the operation he could no longer
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be determined, exactly comparable quantities of serum, exactly comparable
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ment of fat in parts supplied by the affected nerve, when the disease
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aid to diagnosis fails in most cases, except where there are tubercles
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the difficulty in performing delicate manipulations which
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space in the skull by exudations, extravasations, or tumors of the brain
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treatment of Ringworm by means of the X-rays. The authors do not
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proper quantum is really exceeded. A considerable diminution of the
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fever which accompanies this disease from the outset is very apt to
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method, and a failure due to carelessness or inexperience of
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have no effect on the course of the disease. In very obstinate cases,
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urine is secreted freely ; hence we must assume that the epithelium
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tunately, it is rare for enuresis nocturna (which usually affects chil-
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worthy of extended trial in cases of pneumonia with cardiac
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though, on the other hand, the patient is often conscious
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their effects. We have no means at present by which the
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skin, and, probably, too, a swelling and infiltration of the cells of the
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opened and shut, now spreading into a smile, now drawn down as if
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obstruction, indicate perichondritis laryngea, which is caused by ty-
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believe that the gastric and intestinal catarrh, due to the improper nu-
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based his assertion that plethora could not exist. These
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as regards nutrition, or are even moderately fat. The diet suitable
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These undesirable results may be obviated by the employment
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After 3 minutes' incubation each cell averaged 0*46 bacilli.
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wives, and to try coitus with lewd women [!]) is said to be very
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mental excitement, masturbation, or coitus. Various diseases of
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