A major effort was made during the year to develop techniques for recording
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using her eyes in reading or sewing any length of time. She is
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thotonos and convulsions. Larger doses cause complete
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of their diseases, CD"^ >200 cells/p.1; therefore, maternal
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contributions " are respectfully informed that, in accepting such arti-
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Cases marked by these intercurrent symptoms frequently run a short
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The time for holding the meeting being limited, members
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or paresis of the nerves of the throat — are very common
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SIacaulay, T. B. (1912). Supposetl Inferiority of First and Second Born Members
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community. This applies to both cities and towns. In east-
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from the time when he was in command on the Cleveland Marine
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mission to Messrs. Wood & Co., of New York, to reprint my
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the vomiting, may continue, indeed, for several weeks, and is apt to
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etc.) should be treated and is possible era- Strychnine given hyperdermically is best
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other impermeable material, which has been soaked in a 5^
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in which there is a higher proportion of the so-called buffer salts — the natural
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true pneumonia or not? If we are to determine by the symptoms
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an antiseptic solution, and the entire space carefully packed with a
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one-tenth of its bulk by boiling. The result is a solution of
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the recumbent posture, that she is obliged to sit up in bed
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29th. The irritation that produces a particular sensation on one
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sal ammoniac 4 parts, alum 1 part, water IG parts, strong
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taken in either of the two cases, and they finally went to
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tionists ") doubt that the only way to treat pleuro-pneu-
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be from a typhoid ulcer. Again, typhoid fever will often present very
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The main features of the disease appear to be : pain along the spine
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results obtained by him in the treatment of some forms of
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Time to Operate. — In a few cases it is permissible to operate after
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pain in the right iliac fossa. The next day he died, and
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effect that it is no defense against payment that the
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numerous to be here detailed. Every physical agent which operates
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ments were either absent or were late in coming on.
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more especially, he has called on me, is an increasing
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typhoid. Bearing this in mind, what follows will have