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since the spring of 1912 to devote part of his time to the work of this

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This is important, for patients who have suffered from myxcedema

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Case 5. — Mr. Y., a patient in the Western Pennsylvania Hospital, was suffer-

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looked by those who would see in the lack of food the essential and sole

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which relief of the difficulties was secured in consequence of insuffi-

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often to an extreme degree. This dilatation leads to rapid accumu-

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in time without injury is sometimes enormous. A unique case in

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111. Von Graefe : Archiv fur Ophthalmologic, Bd. 3, 1857.

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ring in this county. The total population of Spartanburg County for

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able. After each attack of inflammation, the permanent enlargement

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studied in detail in the section on Congenital Anomalies.

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vaso-motor and nervous affections the epigastric pulse is quite as

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Muncey, Elizabeth B. : A study of the heredity of pellagra in Spartan-

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ascribe this affection rather to the complicating pulmonary stenosis.

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since the last treatment, and he has had no return of symptoms and

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It is more than doubtful whether there be in reality any such dis-

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mum. It is evident therefore that in these experiments the nausea did

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Having expressed the view that pellagra might, like beriberi and

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exercise, etc., and comes and goes, while the endocardial bruit stays.

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Those nosologists are not unreasonable who now cry out for names

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further trouble results. Lymphorrhcea occurs in a good proportion

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Fig. 1. — Portion of omentum from rabbit vitally stained by intravenous

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cinal measures should be tried, for a cure is by no means infrequent.

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the auscultator the propagated sound. Curschmann comments upon

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inorganic phosphate to be slightly increased, but death from nephritis

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cient quantity of blood into the aorta to make up for the loss of the

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or at the termination, of these nerves. Thus Pepper saw tachycar-

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phlebectasis is also applied to a cluster of knotted and swollen vari-

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it is interesting to refer to our electrocardiographic findings. Out of

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Still, it must be acknowledged that the distribution of gout has a

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possibly cause symptoms between the two limits of 100 and 200 mg.

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1910, and the final absolute proof of extra hepatic jaundice was given

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14. Pellagrin 170, woman, aged 34 in 1912, suffered her initial attack of

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of the pulse; the diagnosis of fibrinous concretions in the heart

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so had not medical aid been at once available. The heart sounds

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Who Survived the Initial Attack. J. F. Siler, M.D., P. E. Gar-

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developed after a severe fright, and Trousseau relates the case of a.