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The direction in which heredity acts is variously estimated by differ-
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specific influence upon the nervous system by which the processes of
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metabolic significance of this phenomenon is necessary.
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Death usually results from uraemic accidents, such as suppression of
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In one family observ^ by the writer there is a history of renal trouble in
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sulphate, the mineral waters, and, in the later stages of the disorder,
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Bight," says a recent writer, "to see in L896 a woman weaving her
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in discrete maculse of a bright-red color — usually upon the extensor surfaces
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l)ains of muscular rheumatism, and they may assume the forms of
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of the rheumatic poison has ceased. They are kept up by the lactic
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body, with the functional disturbances due to it — differences which
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lieved by camphor, or the oil of cajeput, or hot peppermint water
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evidence of the important part played by uterine disorders in the
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We shall simply regard poisons as those substances which destroy
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Diuretics are numerous and it will not be difficult to select a few
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the eyeball and reaches as far forward as the cornea. It terminates
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sitis was grouped among the affections due to the purulent diathesis,
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amount of urine ; but ordinarily the amount of urine rises less rap-
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The transfer of the College to its new quarters was
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steam. It may be difficult to ascertain the cause. In the newly
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To formulate a concisely accurate definition of gout is impossible,
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the river, with a fruit and flower garden, and a field in
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tuous irregular intermittent pulsation of the heart, with precordial op-
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