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Pseudo-diplitheria. — There are forms of inflammation occurring most

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§ Gazette des Hopitaux, February, 1891. || Op. tit.

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lesions of acute catarrh are seen in pronounced form in the gastric mucosa,

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schools, and if, happily, he should have there learned to read

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being uncertain whether or not the case is one of mild diphtheria.

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size and shape, or general baths, as the case may require. He states

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increased to eight grains to the ounce in the urine passed after the

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ages gives them every advantage, but America is now pro-

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points which serve to distinguish the former from 'the latter disease.

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given, say 70° or 80°, and lower in each subsequent bath, until, say, after a

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the various viscera (heart, liver, kidneys) are the seat of cloudy swelling,

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the cutaneous vessels, the force of the heart is intensified, according to

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before its good influence can be had on the heart itself. The same may

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to ten days after the reception of the wound or even earlier, and always

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preliminary to sugaring it. The best varieties are the Or-

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the patient in this, and for that matter in most other acute diseases, and

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the lymph-glands become swollen, tumefied, and are the seat of caseous

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{a) The Severity of the Disease. — Though there are no accurate cri-

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with affusions of 50° to 60° over the head, chest, and back. (One im-

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The great discoveries in electricity and its application to

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times serves a good purpose for the sick. For condensed

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France, because that country has not been so extensively invaded by

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lithotomy has been revived, and is often and very successfully

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soda or potash will soon correct this temporary trouble. That

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the quacks than prosecutions through legal channels. It is not wise,

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betes mellitus in man, and although it is a startling one, it

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morphin hypodermically in small doses (gr. -^ to l — 0.004 to 0.008)

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which there is a washstand with its uncertain connection with the main

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it difficult to remove blood-stains at once, but they disappear

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health prior to the acute illness. The temperature fiills gradually as the

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the palms of the hands, the soles of the feet, the nose, show the

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proposition carries with it a frank confession of inability to

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