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citizen, as a versatile yet profound toiler in scientific research, or as a writer

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Dr. Draper has filled responsible professional positions at many

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joyed his frequent visits to the home of his boyhood.

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Mary Elizabeth Wallace, daughter of John Wallace, surgeon in the

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splinters are often large. The tracks made in the gluteal

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Speaking of some of the more obscure causes of "cough,"

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School of Medicine, six hundred and twenty have been cases of

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M. (Huber) Strittmaiter, grandson of Andrew Strittmaiter,

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of food would, after all, suffice for this ! Two pounds of bread,

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the author of "Rules of Aseptic and Antiseptic Surgery," which was

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all of us have had of seeing these diseases rendered less severe,

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paper professedly deals only with lofty generalities. Professor

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ing self-possession, she inspires her patients with hope,

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the soap with alcohol, and finally applies a dressing of

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graduating in 1834. He established himself in Buffalo in 1835, and

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hospital for iS9a-"93. It recorded the histories of forty

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of pernicious anaemia. The sternum in particular is painful upon light per-

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" There is a case on record of a man who was sentenced to be

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to give up obstetrical work, of which he had served in five thousand

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cal Society, 1884. Vol. vii. Boston: Press of Rand,

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performing all sorts of beautiful and brilliant operation^.

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a diminution in the activity of the mucous and salivary glands than by the

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Dr. Stevens was prepared for college in a select school at Plain-

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serve excellent purpose in making the text thoroughly intelli-

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University of California, and professor of gyntecoloj

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plishments and experiences, Dr. Flint has on many occasions con-

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abundant discharge of wind, followed by prostration and faint-

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will require all our resources, be they never so abundant, to over-

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tempted to begin to paint before he has any knowledge of

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The concomitance of arterial and venous wounds rather

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granulated fringe of protoplasm (Fig. 1, c; 3, d). The lymphocytes have