of an orange, is a ring of tissue infiltrated with cancer, beyond which the

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composed of unstriped muscle is called Leiomyoma, Rhabdomyoma

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vessels enlarge and ramify in the cancerous mass as a new and peculiar

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dnoing only a siaUy Tellow tint oi ditty greeniah ataiii, inataad of a proper oolou.

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As the plaster-of-Paris is scraped off, the bandage is rolled up so that

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are not malarial ; their power to generate the malarial poison varies with

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changes develop. They are usually asymmetrical and attack, besides

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cording to my experience, do more harm than good ; and the same is true

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a sudden falling and a sudden rising of ilie pulse, that indicates impending

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— monoplegia. There may be paralysis of some one of the cranial

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the changes w4]ich take place in the pulmonary pleura the lung-tissue does

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the thigh and end of the penis. There is a constant desire to micturate, —

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greatly- emaciated, and there is more or less profuse diarrho-a, often contain-

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slight injury., or the deposit of the bacilli, degenerative changes are

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tension of the diphtheritic process upward : the tonsils, uvula, and pos-

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tions of the pleural sac. In the substance of the pleura and in the fibrinous

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hours, followed in half an hour by a teaspoonful of 7rno scraped beef

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to cause cardiac degeneration and dilatation, while the jjerversion of the

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pain during the first twenty-four hours of the disease, and pressure up

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days. It has three stages: (1) the stage of invasion ; (2) the stage of

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these worms may be suspected, their diagnosis can only be made by their

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Colloid degeneration is closely allied to mucoid, but differs from it in

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comata.) The disease occurs more often in the tonsil than any place

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vention of pitting is of greatest importance to certain patients, especinlly young unmarried females.

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bones. The nature of these changes are gummatous formations

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growth of a phthisical cavity becomes arrested, a '^Himiting membrane

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gradual development will aid in the diagnosis. The diagnosis of cancer of

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During the second week the variations in temperature are slight, retain-

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Laryngeal spasm is most frequently met with in children, when indigestion,

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The first point to be considered in the differential diagnosis of these two

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the clinics of the American School of Osteopathy, an abscess in the

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temperature are not present in every case, but when they are present

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does in large cities in the summer it is best treated by removing the children

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cent., boracic acid ten per cent., iodoform ten per cent., bichloride of

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Symptoms, — The subjective symptoms of biliary catarrh are at first obscure.

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flammatory thickenings and fibrous tissues about the joint may be

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Shock constitutes the systemic effect of severe injury in which vaso-

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flour or starch into a paste. The strip of pasteboard is smeared on one

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Usually there is considerable local tenderness upon pressure. Perfora-

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tinues until the muscle is made thoroughly strong, when the interlacing

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stance the stomach was found cai)able of containing ninety pounds of fluid ;