» Deutsche raedicinische Wochenschrlft, January 29, 1903.
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death of Dr. Mason Warren. In consequence of that sad event
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Dr. James M. Todd was a man of unusual natural ability, was well grounded
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thing gave way, and she screamed and fainted. I was sent
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the lesions at one sitting. tion of the ray (making it softer). For this
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who did best of all the cases, had no treatment ; Alice
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I la the invention of Mr. P. RIGOLLOT, who is the exclusive owner ; it is thj
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the dangerj in a sanitary point of view^ of permitting a pro-
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prevalence of smallpox among the people of the island,
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temperature was -3° F. ; the average for the 6 days before
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of the thyroid, where spontaneous cure followed the formation of an
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localized lesions, for example, acute endocarditis. For the most part
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ance with the microscopical findings; if gonococci are found, nitrate
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natural objects, or compounds due to the chemist, there is very little
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1894, aged thirty-seven years. He was taken ill six days before his death.
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surrounding tissues. Beyond the presence of a very limited number
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the more recent works on practical medicine we are taught,
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Schorer shows plainly the source of error involved in the former's
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total number of other active pellagrins residing in Spartan Mills and in
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sacrificed many thousands on a similar occasion. On the erec-
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they require a great deal of care to keep clean ; the enamelled
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Dr. C. J. B. Williams collected 34 cases of aneurysm of the
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invidious to these brilliant lights of the medical firmament, to say
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cupping and fomentations over the loins, the free use of diluents, the
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its removal the j)atient had been restored to health ;
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to select as food substance which leaves no solid residue to undergo decomposition
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may be due, not to the neuritis, but to direct pressure of a tumour on nerve,
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the examination fees. Several of the London Colleges give sub-
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main points connected with the forceps are : (i,) A firm grip can be
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typhus cases admitted into that institution, not one has contracted the
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constituents of normal urine, but which he identified only by their
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After all, excess in diet is, usually, only another
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healthy child : but the state of the lungs in this instance showed that respira-
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XXXIII. The Complete Handbook of Obstetric Surgery: or Short Rules
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disturbances, which are neuralgic or appear periodically ;
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from the diet. In gastric neurosis all articles might be
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age, vaccinated by the same operator and with the same lymph.
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