etiology of endocarditis, therefore, has been assigned to acute articular
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frequent presence of bacteria within and upon the diseased endocardium
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out resulting deformity, while the course of a gummous inflammation
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tuberculosis in limited portions of the body, and represents the most
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when the bodily temperature reaches 101 P., since it is not rare for the
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be present in the later stages of this disease, and Yon Jaksch has noted
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disease in which it occurs. A diphtheritic colitis may result even from
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the characteristic eruption appears, in most cases first upon the upper
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believed by experts to be improved by a process of sterilizing, heating
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with difficulty, and diminished power in the effort of respiration, to-
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injured an infectious endocarditis arose, although injury alone was not
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because they are not dependent upon the gastro-intestinal inflammation,
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cases of cancer. According to Wyss, in middle Europe two per cent, of
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though of course many specifics have been vaunted as certain cures,
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Introductory Lecture before the New Orleans School*of Medicine. November, 1865. By Prof.
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other person, and absolute cleanliness of the person should be enjoined ;
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the circumscribing of the inflammation to the vicinity of the appendix,
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the bladder from the intestine by diffusion through the intervening tis-
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cases the stomach is to be found in the right hypochondrium, the cardiac
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"A/' aged 27, wounded August 28th, 1862, in the head, fracturing
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cases, from 1862 to 1881, nineteen and five-tenths per cent, died, so that
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are to be recognized by the heart-pangs, shortness of breath, irregular
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heart causes catarrhal conditions, dropsy, and cyanosis, although these
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ments instituted by various physicians of the highest class, and finally
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when once the diagnosis has been made clear. Unfortunately, in the