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(iwing to failure in blood-metabolism, and Dr. MacMunn is strongly
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formly enlarged as described, and thus be grossly altered in size and
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and the accompanying vomiting, and, as sometimes they precede afl
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on Thursday, .luly 20th. Gentlemen wishing to read papers or to bring
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of, 234 ; cancer of the, 4.'vi ; diphtheria of from
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aften be obtained from the surface of the peptone medium.
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;)ro tern. The hope was entertained that they would pre-
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President will kindly provide tea for the party at Winsford. Charge for
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the passages into which they are chiefly ventilated being ren-
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have known in several instances. Therefore, I always enjoin that no
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and, bending over t he ends of the fingers, give these a grealj ,
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likely that her improvement was due to the approach of the
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During the last two or three years I have been engaged in an
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lowed. I therefore laid open the external layer of the pleura
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(London: John Murray, Albemarle Street. 1893. Pp. 61,
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Act of Parliament entitled it to do. Tliere was here a distinct
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peared, and the pulse remained quite perceptible at the wrist
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Hector MacKenzie, of the administration of extracts of the thyroid
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by Sir Gilbert Blanc, but still more, in my opinion, to extensive use of
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section for food and drugs being placed in the Examination
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powdered ginger, 12 gr. of each; extract of gentian, q. s.; divide into
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bearing-down pains, and the general abdominal distress, asiree irriga-
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cises, so that they mav be isolated on the first appear nice of
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Mr. J. Lawkence-Hajiiltu.v K.K.C.S. (-'lo, Sussex Square, Brighton^
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London in August, 1891. Had we been aware of it we should
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private purse the sum of 500,000 lire (£20,000). Including this
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Moorfields, 1 p m. — Mr. W. Lang ; Conjunctival Afl'cctions.
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mata (microscopic sections). Dr. Ernest S. Reynolds: Remarks on the
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will." Looking at this matter from the point of view of
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clear, but at other times the hyperpyrexia is accompanied by delirium
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The current sick claims were carefully examined, and the
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of one child, aged ij, being fatal. The most serious outbreak,
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my mind, the recession being extremely well marked and the
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many cases of so-called hysteric spasm of the glottis are, in reality,
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upon the opposite side, in which tlie knee had been kept ex-
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The petition of the University College of North Wales, the
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give exact statistics, and the telegrams received in this
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for days without knowing that he had serious trouble, except that he
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aching pain at the nape of the neck, due to the inability of the weak-
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Treatment. — Nothing but general rules can be prescribed for treat-
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on the tongue. I would repeat this calomel treatment every day for
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disturbance in the great toe by gout is generally limited to interjec-
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it must be due to such a cause. These pains are in no sense inflamma-
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curious how often this fever may continue for days, at the beginning,
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Mr. Jonathan Hutchinson, F.R.S., President, who, in pro-