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situated in the medulla. This controls the vasomotors and
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Robertson frankly acknowledged that he had been mistaken
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1 "On the Diagnosis of certain Forms of Imbecility in Infancy," Scottish Medical and
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inches ; entered a sac, and drew off forty ounces of pus. A firm mass
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was given a copy of the massage law in August, 1945.
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high standing among scientific periodicals. It contains
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It is apparently more common in males than in females. Kelynack
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edly tending to destroy the life of the patient. As Dr.
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A lady with such shoes on her feet is unable to take the
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intoxication being the cause of the condition, and the liver as the prob-
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conducting the work of the public schools, in so far as con-
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allow more such physicians to obtain their licenses
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emptying of the bladder. Retention of urine is a very
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the affection predominating in the flexor muscles of the foot, equinism,
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tive ease and freedom. When the foot is implanted on the
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rheumatism, and it was yielding to anti-rheumatic rem-
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anasarca, and fearfully apprehensive, because of het
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the atom in civil life. Sir Raphael Cilento, director of
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It was observed that the surface longest exposed became somewhat li-\-id from
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1. The nocturnal vomiting; this can be explained by yie existence
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to be seen in the limbs also. Of 35 cases of laryngismus stridulus, 33
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half of the kidney, especially towards its anterior aspect.
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and the finding of small quantities of blood in the stomach-contents,
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The clinic is conducted and the patient treated very much as a
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that the fit is perfect, with exact apposition of corresponding layers of
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seemed to accept this unlikely bit of folklore. At a time when
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had an opportunity of watching a trial of the remedy by Mr. Skey, in St. Bar-
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advise the removal of the carious ossicles, together with thor-
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ration. He complains of severe, throbbing frontal headache and
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and trachea. The glandular swellings in the chest produce all the
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not ceased, but is merely impaired, so that an amount is secreted
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back by the pressure of the fluid, in their turn push back the cortex. On
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time seemed to meet the requirements of the case. After the
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against the end of the month, his convalescence was evident. In
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showed that the cervix would admit one finger readily. The head was high up in
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cent.) of equal parts of carbolic acid and glycerine, two or three times a
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matism or gout, the leucocyte count is invaluable in
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examining the part complained of most carefully, I could