often produces a sensation of soreness in the scrotum and
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the medium in order to make observations at intervals over a period of
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nasal discharge loses its virulence in 14 days ; that the
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although we scarcely anticipate the honor of a perusal by the class of gentle-
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**A11 these observations seem to show that the effect of holocaine
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few days, and all the principal joints may suffer in turn. Fre-
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fed for ten days on this milk. The combination, there-
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a summary of German statistics based on German evi-
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far from any possible effect of inheritance. An excel-
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pimenta water at bed-time ; castor oil the next morn-
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In 1913 Folin and Denis^ introduced a colorimetric method for the
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headache, nausea and dizziness. The refractive error should be carefully sought
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throat nearly all the remedies of the Pharmacopcsia have been used. Gar^in^
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answer to these questions ; for the latter we mu.st study in-
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Reynolds, senior, and my father, in 182T, its doors have been freely
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Vegetables and fruits in the raw state should be thoroughly washed
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In the medical police section Dr. Becker, of Munich, ex-
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Ellsworth, Victor A., 41 Waltham St., Boston, Mass.
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ments. Arch. Med., Lond., 18,^7-9 i, 98-103. Also. Re-
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one Ban determine whether or not there is an obstruction at all* As
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Physical examination disclosed large, irregular ulcers, with
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(T. H.) Formaldehyde in tbe treatment of typboid fever.
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carcinoma and the age of the patient only palliative treatment
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usual dislocation of the patella. In Pollard's case the patient,
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dorsum of the foot, up which the bandage must pass by several
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torn open it was found aseptic and containing a large clot,
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general, not different, though certain substances, as albu-
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of an organ, and of the human body, came to be distinguished, it