vations, all grouped into this one chimerical category,
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and diagnosis as in the unimpregnated state, and remarks : " If
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he can not say. Many claim that when one has an attack of appendi-
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tween height of individual and pelvic measurements.
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a sequence than a causal factor.^** This statement seems
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eight graduating seniors. Mike Dunn wrote and produced
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himself while working at a sausage-machine, turning a wheel,
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expiration, unless the connecting fibres arc divided, in which case the heart sac
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are supplied with two sets of blood vessels. One set supplies
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The rlangcr varies greatly with its different pathological connections.
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which some was found in the stomach at the post-mortem —
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Under its use all the symptoms yielded. The temperature fell
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insisted on going home. The third case was one of erysipelas follow-
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up the flaps, and removed all the detached portions of bone. The frac-
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" attentive to tlie means of saving the lives entiusted to them, and which pro-
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that the spores on silk threads in the healed eosin-treated wounds
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rangement past-pointing tests can not be made accurately. Baranv
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think possible. I have seen one case which pursued a violent course,
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Again, a more highly infected bullet, or fragments of bone,
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tus or impulse, by which their instincts, as they have been called,
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with a very thin film of exudation, but at the caecum it was very marked,
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two types. In the second group of cases the temperature is quite irregu-
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early headache which accompanies the secondary fever and syphilides.
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tion. The indications for radical operation are many.
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carrying out this method for a couple of years. In patients who
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Dr. Wm. Brodie, the veteran editor of Michigan, has
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to continue forced respiration for 2 days longer, appears
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posed in the preceding communication, contained in a letter
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methods of its manufacture. Koumiss, in its dilferent forms, is
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hemiplegia which follows such apoplectiform seizures resembles in all details
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frequently occurs that a man must kill to save his own life ; and
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whilst one or two drops of a solution of Canada balsam in
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of the blow. It is the principle that keeps the planets in position
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interesting bodies is given by Dr. F. Curtis. He de-
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apical impulse to be felt again when it had disappeared on the dorsal
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were well supplied with blood; sinuses not overfull.
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Dysentery is particularly prone to occur whenever sanitation
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6 calories), to elevate the temperature of the rabbit 2 C, 12
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Characteristic initial rashes may appear during the attack. One patient,
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tinal discharges. Rooms occupied by cholera patients should be thoroughly ven-
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uses carbolic acid, but insists that it be perfectly pure. That which makes
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