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with which the visitations would be conducted ; and

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the proper medicines., and the proper nursing which

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useful table affixed of 128 cases of traumatic tetanus, which

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proposed will very probably be suggested by others.''

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embolia of the heart occun"ing in soldiers who were

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entire ; while, in the chronic form, the cells are disin-

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the practice more or less, to the present day, that whilst the fever

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proper surgical dealing with the case. In this par-

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vantages are these. ' ' We should obtain considerable

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commencement of the Second Summer Session — a pupil will be

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and confine myself to the impressions gathered from

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medical supplies, and appearing before offioei-s and

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the great value of digitalis as a cai-diac tonic ; and in

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trial of excision, I carefully considered all the circum-

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tions which may from time to time be approved of by

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sion of his observations on the fever and plague of

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can be ascertained, is local at the time of the con-

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given to the progress of our art, is by the more care-

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Fig. 2. Aspect of the parts after the operation, seen from the

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" This catalogue has many and great merits. It is modest, truthful,

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be very considerable, it wiU be easy for us, with our

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pai-ents and nearly all her brothers and sisters were

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employed through this means, with the aid of pads or

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observation, were leprous on every covered pai't of