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the time a great many cases of Hill diarrhoea or some other
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tampons at the same time. He believes as large a proportion
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ease and that it takes place during life while others constituting
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tincture in the usual way with alcohol of per cent. The
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the blood vessels and a quickening of the circulation.
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currence. This paper is a consideration of the comparative
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delivered a lecture on what he termed the white piles hsemoroides
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course of the Sepulchral Urnes lately found in Norfolk
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of arsenic especially in those of a red color. It exists most likely
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of food the observations here introduced are merely noticed for
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propose to give a more critical review of its contents
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outskirts of Mount Vesuvius as remarked by Vivenzif
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of the people of this country iu Western science and litera
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strontium salts are readily soluble and the solvent ac
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Muflc Bark Camphire and Valerian in large Dofes with as
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observes that excessive weakness and stupidity of the young is
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assigned in rotation to the Division of Neurology and the Department of Pediatrics
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of the thoracic organs and the man who neglects dis
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or fiddle string. The external wound may then be closed with a
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of parcesthesia such as numbness tingling sensations as if
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Influence of Pituitrin upon the Child. Spaeth ZndralhJatt f.
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to the second or third persons of the Trinity but none