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tions not yet attacked which were served by Sisters
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enlarged tonsil latterly it had rapidly increased in size and
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ing considerably the state expenditures. He was elected state
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ascertain the percentage of deaths to patients in each
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readily pass through the capillaries. They move with the greatest ac
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At the termination of the apprenticeship the institu
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lated cases in which the disease was chronic lasting
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cent date. It goes without saying that the environ
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TABLE. Irritable Heart Cases. Height of Epinephrin Reaction
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use of taurocholate of sodium alters the blood s compo
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January th Right pyelotomy was preformed a soft stone
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siderable resistance to the growth of microorganisms.
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that during the winter months at Cairo the relative hu
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and sow occasionally in the mare and cow. They may be simple or
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plications are in order ointments of iodine sulphur
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extensive paralysis. The replacement of a paralysed quadriceps
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also occur though never Tymphomatoua tumors. Diffnae reddening of
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clinical means could be made only in rare instances. Dr.
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continuous rest in bed. The heart rate was counted several times
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and by employing artificial respiration to tide over
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were dollars a month to those so fortunate as to obtain ships on
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ind forth behind us raising and lowering her hands in an
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Rutherford and Vignal a slight increase. The methods
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practitioners in Toronto will follow this good example at least
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inoculation was carried out by an assistant of Pasteur in the following
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the tricuspid which leads into the smaller triangular cavity situated
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the gladiators combats through one of this kind. B
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due to diplococcus lanceolatus occurring as they not infrequently do in
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but by the whole Presbyterian family of whatever name.
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work were ignored in ioto not being accorded even the
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Pincus devised proper means for the application of both
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to be regarded as eeptic in nature. In these cases arthritis leads rapidly
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neither amelioration nor any species of modification
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approachable through the medium of the circulation.
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gating growths had invaded the s novial niembranes and periarticular
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tion is complete. This should not require more than
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ago. I should like to hear from them in regard to these cases.
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