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of enlarged glands in the neck she was of a tubercular

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the rupture of an abscess an operation is necessary If a wound

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motions of that organ of which we are altogether unconscious.

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in headache but in other forms of pain they usually fail.

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institution. In that case paralysis of the leg first ap

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hands of a large proportion of the inhabitants of the state are

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as to raise the blood pressure again to the level of hypertension present

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usually shown to visitors will be viewed Mr. Greenhill having obtained

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ments several attempts were made to tie the ducts and note the effect

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mon sense should have induced Smith to head south but

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Early in October he commenced to move about on crutches

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there was considerable discussion. It was ultimately decided

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Dr. Gill also stated that he was much pleased and interested

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obscure origin as to be extremely hypothetical. This

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Diagnosis. The circumstances under which the condition arises

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F. In one a puerperal ulcer was present. One patient

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of the gallbladder other than acute cholecystitis.

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Syphilis hereditaria tarda may be recognized either from a retrospective

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ment Massachusetts General Hospital C. Guy I ne Secretary.

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Hydrocele. A small stream of cold water poured daily

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importance should oe attached in this disease. First that the sole etiolog

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Gambogia is of an orange yellow color and has a disagreeable acrid

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F. In one a puerperal ulcer was present. One patient

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eral the results of splenectomy are slight and transitory.

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ing. The clinical wards will open the first week in October.

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same as like injuries of other tissues for example of the soft

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This grave question approaches too near the domain of clinical

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