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the vascular changes that accompany secretory activity.

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the fluid is that the portion which is immediately adjacent to the pump

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cases of uretero abdominal fistula caused by difficult

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mends injection of oil of turpentine to induce a fixa

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Surgery in the Medieal College of Georgia and President

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total obturation by surgical means or who died within a

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Build up. In February the ist Provisional Group of the Eighth Air Force

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the exception of one lung which contained a cheesy tubercular

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called mucous corpuscles it contained no sulpho cyanide of potassium.

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Information collected retrospectively from the charts included

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operated upon five had general anesthesia forty had local anesthesia

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ment to the udder the ampoules were injected as soon as they were

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of blood in the middle and lower portions of the spinal cord

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been recognized. To make of experimental pathology a distinct specialty

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On the contrary however Krause of Baltimore believes

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Clinical Researches made hy the Reporter Bouillaud.

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