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quarter to three quarters of an inch above the articular surface and

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methods are advised but we have always used the first named

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in toto placental structures do not again form in that area.

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topsies for the members of the Yellow Fever Commission during their sojourn

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In order to determine this point quantitative estimations were

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gradually closes and the secretion escapes through the normal

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have been rectified. Whatever our special line of work or interest

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patients the temperature rises after exercise while

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away in the right iliac region an invagination of the

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upon evaporations thereof it leaves no falt petre behind it. But thefe

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groups thus defined are as follows The astringent or

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periosteal edema. This pain and tenderness persist for as long as ten days

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rigid belly wall gave great trouble to the operator. The appendix

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twelve to forty eight hours while cardiac stimulation takes place in

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and the circulator disturbance there is nothing to prevent us making

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with much satisfaction. It was better suited to cases in

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capsular epitlielium and accumulation of cells in the

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at once evident that no mistake had been made and that a

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amount of even highly infectious material providing there is

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six of them including the one whose urine was free from albu

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