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A contusion commonly called a bruise is a crushing of the
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The records of acidity represent as stated above the difTerence
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bookkeeping which they considered unintelligent to those not
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in ostaxillary line seventh space. During the witlulrawal of
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numerous tubercular depositions in the upper lobes of both lungs.
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severe faucial or larnygeal cases in not less than unit
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have been devoted practically entirely to laboratorj
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Symptoms. The pace seems odd toward the end of the journey but
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Dr. Pitman the Treasurer said he thought he should be
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untoward results than now and then a trifling dermatitis
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it should be damaged in various injuries or diseases of the brain and
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A Sj siem of Surr en Theoretical and Practical in Treatises
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the majority of cases proves fatal. In of my own cases not
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amperage actually decreased after the first few moments
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case presented precisely the appearance described by the
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stances previously to ulceration the cartilage undergoes a
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difficult to decide whether in some of the recorded cases the relaxation was
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truly of terror for the sufferer who could look forward
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their excitability is diminished or entirely gone in their more
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The upper extremities frequently escape while the lower
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other northern countries the hares are of the fame colour with ours
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establishment of this fact first furnished him with a foundation
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ing originally goods or property cattle among many primitive peoples
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inoculate than the rabbit. He classified the lesions accord
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sembling the grip. There were pains in all the bones es
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has been given to it in the preceding pages. But that effect
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vessels amputa.tion had to be done in five or about per cent.
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dilatation due to cancer. This diagnostic point will be considered in the fot
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the treatment of disease the real business of the professional man.
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Traumatic cataract leads sometimes to secondary glau
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it and the dirt having all entered into the pail the
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son s brain matter or yolks It can t be done. Hence
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traction of the heart which forces the blood into the
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ties. Most of the sufferers were from thirty to sixty
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of the abdominal musculature. These pains are increased by
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