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in the fascia. Finally Stone believes that layer sutures
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fully treated by the surgeon. In both there was suppuration of some
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State of New York recommended the use of a mild galvanic cur
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The corporation of Edinburgh is contemplating the establishment of a
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existence of a Supreme Being and in the fundamental
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monia one dram dissolved previously in a little water. These
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closet space and a comfortable bed for less than. a quarter.
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nephritis and it was the latter cases that were dan
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cattle especially if tne general health of the animals is
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tion while the body is in an atmosphere of ordinary tem
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however that the conjunctivitis may have been neuro
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that seems useful and practical as they come in. Such a system of
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superfluous for they were only concerned to acquire that
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following week the patient ran a satisfactory course but
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treatment was resumed every year except the present for a period
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sort are interesting. Polyakofif has recorded a case of pancreatic
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through the sebaceous glands. For an account of the histology see a paper
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The left lung which was exhibited to the Society was solid almost
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oma of the larynx with rapid metastasis to the oesophagus
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Carinthia Stiermark and the Tyrol escaped all being protected
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into the uterus are obvious. I trust this communica
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What after all is blood disease Is it a mere chemical change
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considerably. In these cases I have often been reminded of a
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it from the class of albumins globulins or nucleins. It coiTesponds
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had pre ioush been excellent was not quite so good. As however
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that the cavity reached half way down behind the right
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which were apparently healthy Kitt found repeatedly a diffuse
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occurred. Among the commonest of the early cutaneous symptoms are
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following lacerated perineum successfully treated by