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The following joints were examined The left wrist joint the meiacarpo

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or constricted near its middle like an hour glass or the

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catheter one that will not easily bend and firm of purpose

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ferent methods and results are described as follows The first is a sort

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The study of natural immunity has aided materially in throwing

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the elbows so that it happens sometimes with these latter that

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For years says our contemporary the citizens of Den

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the sun the attacks came on late in May before the intense heat.

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M. Beeniee in his quarterly report on the health of Paris

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by the pericardial exudates. Small amounts he found collect in the

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much relieved and has since almost entirely disappeared. When

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The patients complain of no sensory symptoms. The atrophic mus

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tient died from shock four hours after the operation. The

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found a most useful agent. The doses may be repeated three

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gridiron incision was adopted The long incision patients

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furred or sometimes heavily coated. There is more or less anorexia

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chloral was given at night only the morphia being omitted. He had

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is not determined by the external conditions of life.

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tention. As a rule the patient may be placed on the back

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ot po.tent the freshness and gt liancy of his mind had no for

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by Xabothian cysts by menorrhagia leucorrhea backache

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effect. It would therefore seem that Horbaczewski s theory which

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IN PATIENTS WITH WOLFF PARKINSON WHITE SYNDROME several cases have been reported in

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cytes since the former are not affected by per cent

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fibromata osteomata cholesteatomata psammomata etc. but those

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this method Serres has obtained in three weeks the recovery of

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is thrown out at each systole with diminished contraction. With a

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and new ideas with regard to the work and the organiza

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pneumonic process and the resolution is not yet complete

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origin rluhne and Ewald refer its development to the

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seen has with a different view carefully pointed out these marks

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international treaties and that sooner or later perhaps when least

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It may be borne in mind however that heretofore al

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has been adduced in which these morbid states have led to an

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Acute Sero Fibrinous Pleurisy in the Horse. Pleuritis.

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the danger of inhaling sewage gas the value of sunshine of

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mucous membrane will be developed unless the uterus is promptly

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After having in this manner found his discovery tried

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one in which this disease proved fatal. One other case died.

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principle is being used at present in therapeutics as a drug rather than

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wxrk the pulse of a horse which lost weight rapidly required

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devoted to the Department of Pathology and Bacteriology which is fully