properties, at the same time stimulating secretion and the elimination

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spleen was also very large; but neither of these viscera contained any

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London ; The Vice-Dean of the London Hospital Medical School ; Mr. Fumeaux

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The animal, an eight-year-old entire horse, had a running from the left

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seemed about three-quarters of an inch in length, and one-eighth of an

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The symptoms of eczema are sufficiently characteristic in most

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and usually more numerous and larger in size on the ventricles.

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united for tlie remainder of the day's proceedings.

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History. — The development of disease was gradual and very ill-

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a second group of eight guinea-pigs inoculated on the 31st August.

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Fig. 6. — Diaphragmatic hernia. E, epiploon. I G, loop of small intestine.

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the thin upper edge of the hoof was softened and detached from the

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selves not only a splendid Estate, but great Reputa-

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The following candidates, who passed in Surgery at previous meet-

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removed the left arytsenoid. She once more went to work at the

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From loudness of murmur at first and previous palpitation it ivas evidently of old standinr/. It was afterwards suspended hy

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ley, F.R.S.; Professor Crconi Robertson; Dr. H. C. Bastian, F.R.S.;

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tion. The mouth was cold, the conjunctiva pale, the tongue and lips

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ferous tubules; sometimes the epithehum of the convoluted tubes is

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The constitution may be said to be the foundation of the nature of the

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