tied there remained only the thickening above referred to.
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lenty deep-seated, aching pain in the belly, dragging pains extending to
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same time, properly cared for, to prevent the onset of the more serious symp-
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in the space of 24 hours. He was seized with defect
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the cases of children. This case is where the bronchia and tra-
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were two slightly raised opaque yellow nodules about 3 mm. across. Micro-
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alum by their letters patent, and alum is very much cheaper than
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of many cases, it is true, show a specific infection, and kraurosis
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all wrong-doers ; and we continue equally incredulous upon any
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hospital service. On the other hand a system composed of modular and potent-
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of the cases in the earliest period were either con-
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somewhat pale, whence the name which has been given to it, and which
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of the school. A course in manual training was again offered to stu-
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yery many years his daily sleep was only from two to four hours at
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paralysis of the third nerve on the right side, which caused ptosis of
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ate glycosuria, while a similar injection into a starving animal which
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the chest, so that it should only be employed when a
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reached the normal temperature on the twenty-second day.
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is ephemeral and in a sense self-corrective (a good illustration is afforded
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and climate, the place deserves more than a passing visit for its
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M.D., is a 1982 graduate of St. Louis University School of Medicine
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Guild of Barbers is of such ancient foundation that its earliest
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close of November, 2,420 ; at the close of December,
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normal psychology a necessary preliminary to the understanding of
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fever of 1885. I used it with decided advantage in several such cases,
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wards of the Michi!j:an State Prison at Jackson. The Board
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symphysis, and occasionally he receives ^ however, possesses some inierest from the
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^'■--i>'''-"^-""i.h:fLi;;,;:j;:::;;''^'''"'^'-'-'^'''^''-^ -^^
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the right testicle, and laxity of the eremaster muscle. Many physicians
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4. He must fill out a blank application in regard to his moral character,
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statement made by Dr. Bailey that he thinks the office chair and office
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sent to her home. This splint was taken off after two or three weeks
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was now given only every third day, and some bitter tonic tinc-
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activities and a plea for voluntary contributions for the
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