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the 2nd, forty-seven admissions and twenty-two deaths. The suburbs
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in western Wales ; all the mountain streams seem to enjoy an inde-
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the symptoms had returned soon after his leaving the hospital and re-
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smaller dose would suffice : possibly, the sample with which he experi-
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Government the views of the Association as to the one portal — that it
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Both were apparently moribund, and could not be roused from their
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ternational civilities by translating into German Mr. .Sewill's now
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says: " I submit for your further consideration— first, whether the family at-
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emnri ' ^'^^° '^^^^^ resembling the pale blood-corpuscles. This
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The first meeting of the fourteenth session, 1S70-71, will be held at
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ent's letter " in the large print", as he .suggests, would magnify an incident
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leeches, or use the lancet to remove the pressure caused by their disten-
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more immediately connected with the Profession, such as Natural
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Mr. Arthur Myers' views on the influence of tight clothing and
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vided with all the mat- tie! of hospital and field use. It has placed it-
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the difference in doing anything. On October 17th, she is very nearly
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vestigation have exerted on each other. In this light I propose to-day
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diagnosed injury of the base of the brain or disease of the brain. A
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J. M. Winn, M. D., Senior Physician to St. George's and
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;^I5; perpetual, £20, For Dental Diploma of College of Suigeons,
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conium in the treatment of mental and nervous disorders ; and he agreed
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his position as a responsible one, his duties as relative, and himself as
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the hospitals. In all these hospitals the same rules are followed as in
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operations which no doubt have accomplished their object, but at a risk
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condition is that of a cell or sac with fluid contents. They may con-
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who, though not students, showed by their presence that they took an
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There i5, perhaps, no more prev.ilent affection than chronic constipa-
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Names viarhed ivith an asterisk are those of Members of the Association.
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reports and other matters of medical interest:— The Indian Medical Gazette,
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