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Hippocrates (fee the paflage already cited) has re-

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cases at full term at the Boston Lying-in Hospital, the average rate

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to cool. The precipitate was repeatedly extracted with ether. The

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likely to be useful except in rare cases, as it was impossible in

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been conducted; whether Tuberculin, Old, TINE TEST® can

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hearing has been conducted, but before its decision is made.

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May 15— Infectious Diseases. Seattle. Sat. Contact: U/W.

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tient, and one which should not be undertaken unless there is

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now be accommodated in Sanatoria, and while every bed available is

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every case in the light of modern surgery, doing every thing in your

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in bed passed none, admits, it appears to me, only of the ex-

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may be given to patients. Referred to the committee on publications.

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than has fortunatcily been tlie case. The smaller Las

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e digestive tract to digest and assimilate it. It must be remembered

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of Theory and Practice, the School will offer attractions

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what periodical. The dressing was reduced to a small

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March 13 — Focus on Hemodialysis Access: Creation, Maintenance and

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had convulsions after each feeding. He questioned the mother

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integrity and business capacity, with the promptness and self-

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longed. The cells of Purkinje were modified in shape and volume

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which we encounter in recent medical literature. We may con-

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Stern {Me(J. Bee, N. Y., 2l8t May 1898) has devised a small, neat, and,

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varying from one to two weeks. The relief seemed to be derived

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in their intimate correlatives, the facts of psychology. The

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color, and may cut like hard cheese or a piece of wax. When

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•3401 Miller, Wm. Galbraith. Data of jurisprudence.